Taking Care of your Bonsai

Taking Care of your Bonsai. Good bonsai care is vital if you want to maintain the look and health of your tree. As bonsai trees are more work than a standard tree left to grow on its own, there are a lot of things that you need to know about bonsai care.

First, because you are designing the tree to look a specific way, you need to take the time and effort to learn about the specific tree you are working with. Some species of trees have delicate branches, making them unsuitable for wiring.

Taking Care of your Bonsai

Other trees do not handle the use of deadwood well, developing fatal cases of rot when this technique is used on them. Learn about bonsai care before you use any technique on a tree, as this will prevent a costly mistake killing your prized plant.

One key aspect of bonsai care is the correct watering of your tree. A bonsai is dependent on the amount of water you give it for survival. However, due to the small size of the pots, giving the trees too much water can start root rot, which is fatal in bonsai trees.

Taking Care of your Bonsai

Because of the careful balance required, bonsai care can be very challenging for those who have never nurtured a bonsai before.

When you start into the world of bonsai care, there are some supplies that you will want to invest in. A good pair of small shears, typically made specifically for bonsai, will allow you to prune the branches and leaves of your bonsai as needed.

This is an important part of bonsai care. A rake is used to work the soil of your bonsai pot, checking for clumps and otherwise maintaining this aspect of your bonsai.

A pair of tweezers is desired to remove any leaves and other small plants from taking away precious nutrients from your bonsai. Finally, you will need a small broom to clean your bonsai.

Removing dirt and keeping your bonsai clean is vital to promote good health of the tree.

A final aspect of bonsai care, that many beginners are not aware of, is learning when the proper time to prune and pot the tree is at. Each species of tree is different, and depending on when your tree is dormant and active is when you will prune your plant.

Some species need to be pruned before new buds have grown. Others need pruned as the buds are forming. Learn about your specific species of tree and prune it accordingly.

If you are attentive, bonsai care is simple, and anyone can handle caring for one of these beautiful trees.

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