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Using Wire to Design Your Perfect Bonsai

Using Wire to Design Your Perfect Bonsai. Bonsai wire is one of the most common tools used in the design of a bonsai tree. As bonsais do not typically grow in the fashion that is desired […]

The Spectacular Maple Bonsai

The Spectacular Maple Bonsai. The maple bonsai is one of the most spectacular styles of bonsai that can be grown. Typically grown outdoors, these trees provide a dazzling display of color in the spring and fall, […]

The Japanese Maple Bonsai

The Japanese Maple Bonsai. Japanese maple bonsai trees are one of the most highly sought after forms of bonsai, as these highly decorative, ornamental trees have a striking appearance of red or purple, and have good […]

Ficus Bonsai – A Traditional Design

Ficus Bonsai. If you are looking for a traditional bonsai, the ficus may be what you are looking for. This style of bonsai is highly popular in traditional bonsai designs, as the aerial root system of […]

Grab a Bonsai Bargain in the Sales

Grab a Bonsai Bargain in the Sales. A bonsai sale is a good way for beginners to get into the hobby without spending hundreds of dollars on a trained tree as well as supplies. When you […]

Juniper Bonsai

Juniper Bonsai. Are one of the most versatile styles of bonsai that you can grow. Suitable for use in all styles except the broom style, this conifer tree is adaptable, takes well to wiring, and […]

Baobab Bonsai

Baobab Bonsai. Baobab bonsai are one of the world’s most fascinating bonsai. Baobab trees grow in Africa, and are one of the world’s most unusual looking trees. There are many legends revolving around the Baobab tree, […]

Banyan Bonsai

Banyan Bonsai. The Banyan bonsai is one of the most popular forms of bonsai tree found on the global market. The banyan is a classical type of Ficus fig tree that is relatively easy to care […]

Bamboo Bonsai

Bamboo Bonsai. Bamboo bonsai is an extremely popular, easy to care for bonsai that allows growers of all skill levels work with a fast growing, beautiful plant. The most common type of bamboo bonsai found in […]

A Challenge of Growing a Bonsai

A Challenge of Growing a Bonsai. Growing bonsai is a challenge for beginners, as there are a lot of steps that are involved in the growing process. However, while there are a lot of steps, the […]