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The Art of Growing a Bonsai

The Art of Growing a Bonsai. Bonsai is an ancient art of growing trees; it is a practice borrowed from the ancient oriental Japanese culture. The Art of Growing a Bonsai It is assumed that the […]

Bonsai Trees As a Gift

Bonsai Trees As a Gift. Whether the occasion is a birthday, secretaries day, mothers day, fathers day or the holidays (Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanzaa) bonsai trees make great gifts. Bonsai Trees As a Gift Bonsai trees […]

Bonsai Total Care

Bonsai Total Care. The very word ‘bonsai’ conjures so many thoughts to many people. Almost a warrior sound yet in reality the word bonsai refers to a miniature tree called a bonsai tree. Bonsai Total Care […]

Bonsai Care for Beginners

Bonsai Care for Beginners. As with any garden, the basic elements that your bonsai plant will need to thrive are the right soil, the appropriate amount of light, and the right amount of water. Bonsai Care […]

Bonsai Tree as a Hobby

Bonsai Tree as a Hobby. Bonsai is an enjoyable hobby and form of art. However, unlike most other art forms bonsai is unique in that one’s canvas is alive and changing. Aside from the art side […]