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Bonsai Trees As a Gift

Bonsai Trees As a Gift. Whether the occasion is a birthday, secretaries day, mothers day, fathers day or the holidays (Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanzaa) bonsai trees make great gifts.

Bonsai Trees As a Gift - Bonsai trees are a perfect gift for any loved one

Bonsai trees are a perfect gift for any loved one born with or without a green thumb.

If you know someone special who loves and takes delight in caring for plants then bonsai trees may indeed be the perfect gift. Here are the items you will need if you decide to give a bonsai tree as a gift.

The first thing you will need to buy is a bonsai ( tree. Before buying a bonsai tree you need to determine whether your recipient will require an indoor or outdoor bonsai tree.

Does the recipient live in a warm area year round like New Mexic o or New Orleans or do they live in an area where the seasons change like New York or North Dakota.

Next you will need to determine which bonsai tree species to buy. There are many types of bonsai trees like the Japanese maple, elm, ficus, maple, and juniper.

Some bonsai tree species are more difficult to grow than others so you will need to make sure that you choose the appropriate species for the person who will be receiving the bonsai tree.

The second thing you will need to bonsai pot. Today there are various styles, colors, shapes and size to choose from so you can easily find a bonsai pot for the bonsai tree that is perfect for anyone.

When selecting the bonsai pot, you will need to the correct size for the bonsai tree to ensure the tree fits inside the pot.

The third thing you will need to buy is bonsai soil. Unlike other types of plants, bonsai trees require a certain type of soil to grow.

Some soils are already mixed with fertilizer to make your life easier. However, when buying bonsai soil you need to make sure that you not only buy enough soil to fill the pot but you will need to include extra soil as well.

The fourth thing you will need to buy is bonsai fertilizer. Bonsai trees require fertilizer for growth and nutrition. There are many kinds to choose from starting with organic and non organic types.

Regardless of which fertilizer you choose, you will need to understand what nitrogen level your bonsai tree requires. To be safe buy extra fertilizer and package it with your bonsai gift.

The fifth thing you will need to buy is wire and tools. These items are essential especially for the novice in bonsai growing.

Bonsai tool kits are available and they come with the standard tools such as the bending jack, concave cutter, scissors and wire cutters. The wire is also essential since wire is used to form the bonsai tree.

The last thing you will need to buy is a watering pot or can. Like most plant life, bonsai trees need frequent watering. Including a watering pot is a must since it is a subtle reminder that the bonsai tree requires water.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, when it comes to bonsai trees, anytime can be a good time to buy a bonsai gift.

When giving a bonsai tree as a gift make sure you include a pot, soil, bonsai fertilizer, wire tools, and a watering pot. By including these items your bonsai gift will be the perfect gift!

Bonsai Trees As a Gift.

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