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Banyan Bonsai

Banyan Bonsai. The Banyan bonsai is one of the most popular forms of bonsai tree found on the global market. The banyan is a classical type of Ficus fig tree that is relatively easy to care for.

It is typically an outdoor tree. Requiring moderate light. It grows and spreads through several venues, either growing new parts of a tree by expanding its root system or having birds carry away the figs where the seeds will grow into new plants. Unlike other variety of fig plants, the banyan bonsai is not edible.

The banyan bonsai is preferred by many, as it is easy to care for and shape compared to many of the other different types of bonsais available on the market. This is due to the fact that the banyan bonsai grows in a way that is conducive to bonsai design and styling.

As the trunks of the tree have a layered appearance from the aerial growth of roots, it is not uncommon that designers will use this characteristic of the plant as a fundamental part of the finished piece.

The aerial root system, if properly controlled, can enhance the appearance of the bonsai without risk of spreading beyond the confines of its pot or causing root problems in the pot itself.

However, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind when caring for banyan bonsai. As the tree can reproduce and spread itself through the root system, pruning of the roots is required in order to keep the bonsai healthy.

Banyan Bonsai - One of the most popular forms of bonsai tree

Failure to do so can cause problems in the plant, drastically shortening the lifespan of the tree. As these trees can live to be over two hundred years old, it is important that the pruning and root care is properly done.

Pot size is fundamental in the care of the banyan bonsai. As this plant is also named a ‘strangler fig’, a pot too big or situated with other plants can cause the bonsai to grow larger than you desire.

As this species of tree can grow to cover over a kilometer of ground, the dwarf versions of this tree can be sometimes extremely aggressive in smaller pots. The world’s most renown banyan, the Great Banyan, has a canopy covering a circumference of over one kilometer.

This tree lives in the Indian Botanic Garden, and is one of the most famous trees in the world.

Banyan Bonsai.

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